Fall Decor Trends For Your Home: 2015

Luxury Lighting
15 Light Chandelier, Montparnasse by Troy Lighting. Luxury Lighting Direct
  • Rich Textures and Saturated Hues – Several designers are transforming their clients spaces with mustard yellows, mauve undertones, navy blues and rich pink color shades. If these color options seem to bold for your taste, stick to navy blue. This color plays well cream, gray, coral, pink, sage and yellow’s.

*If you are not looking to make a big purchase and love the idea of mustard yellow, deep purples or rich blues, find an object you already own and paint it! Or find a second-hand item that you can transition into these new decor colors for autumn.

Add fun focal points in mustard yellow, like chairs, pillows or a second hand item.
Add fun focal points in mustard yellow, like chairs, pillows or a second-hand item.

“With warm tones of the sun and a definite golden glow, this friendly shade works well with colors such as tangerine and eggplant.” -Kate Simmons, Decoist.com

Industrial Lighting
Hudson Valley Lighting Gaines Collection. Machine age lighting with industrial design details.
  • Mixed Metals – Mixing warm metals like brass, copper and rose gold with polished nickel, silver, and chrome can quickly create a luxurious space. To mix and match effortlessly at home, start with gathering the pieces that you love and place them in different rooms or mix them with other styles around your house. This experimental approach will give you a fresh look and add a dash of character. Even mixing wood, glass, metal and weaved baskets can add a surprising sense of style.

“I can’t get enough of mixed metals and materials this fall! Gleaming or distressed golds, silvers and coppers, paired with wood, steel, matte black or glass on one piece of… anything!”

Yates 2 Light Wall Scone

Geometrics & Graphic Prints – Whether you are experimenting with prints for the first time or ready to dive in and change your room entirely, you can never go wrong. It’s as simple as adding a graphic pillow or rug, to splashing your walls with eccentric wallpaper or your floors with unique tile. One shape imparticular has been used most often- hexagons and honeycombs. It’s aesthetic is both organic and modern.

“Do not be afraid of large patterns, if properly designed they are more restful to the eye than small ones: on the whole, a pattern where the structure is large and the details much broken up is the most useful…very small rooms, as well as very large ones, look better ornamented with large patterns. ” -William Morris

  • Sonneman Light Arc Floor Lamp in Satin Nickel
    This Arc fixture from Sonneman is a marvelous monument to mid-century design.

    Bold Modernism – Some think you to create a more modern space they need to go out and buy modern furniture. That is one way of doing it, but you can also use high contrasting colors. Try bright colored pillows or paint the inside of your bookshelf with a gorgeous sage color.

    Mix knick knacks in to give your room a signature look and feel.
    Mix knick knacks in to give your room a signature look and feel.
  • Juxtaposition – A great way to create this look is by embracing how you live and blending it with where you have been. Take knick-knacks from vacations that you have acquired and place them throughout your rooms. You can also find accent pieces at the flea market.

    New York apartment using the fall trend of juxtaposition.
    New York apartment using the fall trend of juxtaposition.
  • Red/Yellow/Black Quattro LED Task Light - Sonneman
    The ideal lamp for work or task, Quattro produces 25% more brightness, glare-free, from 25% less power than conventional LED task lamps.

    Black & White and Precious Metals: No More Grey – When creating this look, bring in basics with matte black and white and pick your splash of color. Bright on black is how we like to think of it. Sometimes changing your lamping options from clear to a more smoked glass will strike up a beautiful tension between refined and raw.


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