Do you have what it takes to be an Interior Designer?

We create truly authentic spaces that tell a story of those who live there.
“We create truly authentic spaces that tell a story of those who live there.” Kerrie Kelly

To get an idea of whether or not we would make the cut in the interior design world, we spoke with Kerrie Kelly of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab to answer a few of our questions.

Kelly, founded her interior design company in 1995 and has successfully expanded her team, authored two books, is one of six national Subject Matter Experts for Home Depot, is the Interior Design National Spokesperson for Zillow, Inc., recently launched a countertop with Silestone and is in the process of completing the final phase of a tile line with TileBar expected to launch in May of this year. And that’s just to name a few.

Naturally, I had to ask this award-winning interior designer how she does it? What were some of the struggles that she overcame to reach these impressive goals and how does she continuously surpasses them with such grace.

For most interior designers it’s all about the creativity but for Kerrie and her team of experts, it’s all about the people.

KK: “Our team believes in our tagline that ‘Everyone Deserves Great Design.’ When we understand the clients’ needs, the fun part begins- sharing what’s available to them to change their life or support their lifestyle. The reaction we receive when we get that right is priceless.”

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When you think of your biggest set back, how did you turn that failure or set back into success?

KK: “Many people say the economy set them back over the past few years. We never really felt that way; we had an understanding that we just simply needed to do things differently. This meant instead of creating environment’s that were beautifully over-the-top, we had to get a bit more creative with what we had to work with. We needed to create truly authentic spaces that told the story of those who live there. We worked with pieces that clients already had and reupholstered furniture, repainted, reframed etc. to curate a space that was uniquely theirs.”

Kerrie Kelly HGTV
Garage turned lounge, HGTV Room Crashers

The thought that crosses many minds of interior designer’s is, “can I start my own company?” The entrepreneurial spirit can be innate. What experiences lead you to the moment when you decided to become and entrepreneur?

KK: “Out of College I worked for Ralph Lauren and Del Webb. Working for major lifestyle brands inspired me to create a brand of my own. It is an ongoing process that has no limits.”

Something that many people say is critical to their success is identifying great mentors. For most of us that means finding someone who can nurture your ideas, develop your leadership skills and coach you through specific challenges when developing your business. Who does a leader in the industry look to for guidance?

KK: “I have three mentors, all with very different backgrounds. One is my college interior design instructor, another is the VP of Sales and Marketing from Del Webb and the third is a VP I worked with from my Ralph Lauren days. Each brings a different perspective to the table through their experiences and styles.”

"Creating my own brand is an ongoing process that has no limits."
“Creating my own brand is an ongoing process that has no limits.” Kerrie Kelly

Along with your advice to be patient and flexible when deciding to follow your passion of design, what triggered the transition from residential to commercial and/or vice versa?

KK: “For us, they overlap. We do both commercial and residential design. Often it comes from designing someone’s home. Once the relationship is created it’s easy to begin to spill into their business world.”

Today, how it looks to be a woman in business is definitely changing. It’s now about creating the lives we want and in doing so being leaders in our work and partner’s in our homes and champions of other women. Do you have any advice on how women in the twenty-first century can meet these challenges?

KK: “We always say ‘it takes a village,’ when referring to the design process. Excellent design requires collaboration from our vendors, delivery personnel, installers, clients and our whole team. To me, personal life is just the same. Communicate and ask for help when you need it, just as you would in your work environment. Layering on healthy eating, exercise, travel and quality time with friends and family doesn’t hurt either.”

Kerrie Kelly's book touches on budget friendly upgrades, eco-friendly techniques and tips/design coaching from leading architects and designers.
Kerrie Kelly’s book touches on budget friendly upgrades, eco-friendly techniques and tips/design coaching from leading architects and designers.

As an interior designer who has worked on a plethora of projects and has won numerous awards and recognition’s, which design project was your favorite?

KK: “My next one! I always love having projects in the pipeline.”

If you had an empty space but could only add on thing what would it be?

KK: “Statement lighting.”

We love it when lighting is a number one priority. On that note, we are inspired by and eager to see what Kerrie Kelly Design Lab is up to next. Follow their team on social media and check out 


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