How to ‘Re:Locate’ the right way

Whether it’s relocating or consolidating your items with your significant other, picking and choosing what should stay and go can add unwanted stress. I spoke with Allison Lind, of Lind|Hesse– one of two designers at a tailored design firm that caters to a specific market- The Relocating Crowd. We found out the biggest mistakes people make when they decide to relocate, when they should ask for help and what to take and what to toss.

How does one do-it-all and stay sane when upgrading to a new phase in their life?

Here are few ways and one impressive design firm to help make the transition as pleasant as if Mary Poppins herself was handling it.

What Allison Lind believes you should equate your first night to in your new home.

5 Questions answered by Allison that will change how you think about moving.

1.) What’s the first thing I should do when I decide to move or relocate through my company?

Allison- Unless you know you’ll have enough time to tackle the move and all it involves on your own, hire a professional!

It’s worth the extra expense to ensure all the details are meticulously covered, all your possessions are handled with care, and your new home is perfectly designed and put back in order, so all you have to do is open the door and relax in your new space.

Not hiring someone? Our first step with clients is to take a detailed inventory of items in their home. We then go through the list, identifying what items will move, what to toss and what to donate


2. What are the things I should leave behind? 

Allison- “Old light fixtures should definitely stay behind. If lighting is dated, the wiring may be risky. Plus, each home is unique, and lighting should really be specified for the precise space in which it’s residing! Finally, if you don’t love it or absolutely can’t live without it, leave it behind. Forcing existing furniture to fit into a new space can result in an awkward configuration.”

  • And the things I should take?

Allison- “Family heirlooms and priceless objects (knickknacks from travels, framed wedding photos, a knit throw from your grandmother, etc) help tie the present to the past and make your new house a home.”

A home should be outfitted the same way you outfit yourself-- to your style and measurements.  -Allison Lind
A home should be outfitted the same way you outfit yourself– to your style and measurements.
-Allison Lind

 3.) What is the biggest mistake people make when they relocate or move to a new place?man portfolio

Allison- “Moving is a LOT more overwhelming, expensive and time-consuming than people realize…Honestly, the biggest mistake we’ve encountered is not hiring someone to help. Having experts on hand who can oversee the process can not only save you time and stress, but can actually save you money in the long run because they oversee the process and help prevent costly mistakes ([professionals] are there to ensure that any mistakes or errors at the hand of movers, for instance, are covered and your wallet isn’t drained). 

Contact Allison & Briana about your next move! Contact Allison & Briana about your next move!


4.) When is the right time to reach out to professionals, such as, Lind|Hesse?

Allison- The sooner you’ve decided to relocate, the better it is to reach out to us. That way, we’ll have plenty of time to get your life and your belongings organized for your big move. All you’ll have to worry about is deciding how you want to enjoy your new home. 

portfolio_kitchen image

5.) How do you keep Re:Locate so ‘all-inclusive?’ What makes your service so hands-off for your client?

Allison- “Our Re:locate experience was designed to be an all-encompassing process for our clients. [As founders, Briana and I] have both been through more than 15 [moves] in the last decade combined. During that time, as well as [our] many design clients’ moves, [we’ve] learned priceless, time-tested, hands-on experience for orchestrating a seamless move. To enable [us] to do that, [we’ve] enlisted vendors for all move and need types — from small to large, detailed and delicate to minimalists, crystal chandelier cleaners to leather-upholstery experts, and so on. Whatever the request, our team has it covered so you don’t have to.“



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