Forget-Me-Not Pendant Etiquette

What is a pendant light fixture?

A pendant is most often a lone light fixture that hangs from the ceiling by a chain, cord or metal rod.

Why are these elegant hanging fixtures so popular for home and office decor?

Pendants add a non-bulky and sometimes inexpensive accent to workspaces like the kitchen; we call this ‘task lighting.’ They also are popular because they are extremely versatile. They come in a wide range of sizes, styles shapes and colors. With so many options to choose from you can create focused light that hangs from above to reduce clutter and lighten up a dark space without taking up a lot of room, like a floor lamp.

Sonneman Lighting Pendants
Chelsea Pendant Series by Sonneman Lighting

Here is a quick list when deciding to use a pendant:

  1. Pendants should hang about 12in.-20in. from an 8 foot ceiling. If you have ceilings higher than 8 feet, simply add 3 inches to every foot of additinally ceiling height.
  2. Small pendant lighting is most effective over sink or desk area. This creates a simply ambient light while also giving you the ‘task light’ we talked about previously.
  3. Use a cluster of small pendants or a pendant with 3+ lights over dinning room tables, kitchen islands or large conference room tables. This will create a well lit working environment, while also being decorative and unique to your space.
  4. Add a dimer to your pendants! This will switch up the old conventions of lighting a bring new design to that area, making it more versatile for specific tasks/hosting opportunities or to offset the type of natural light that is coming through the windows.
  5. Be proportional: Small pendants in too large of a space will not look balanced. Or too large of pendants in too small a space. When in doubt, feel free to snap a picture of your room or space you want to add a pendant and email it over to and we can help you pick out the perfect pendant.

A pendant can do it all.

Tell us some of your tips when choosing a pendant in the comments below.


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