What Does Your Foyer Say About You?

Polished Nickel Chandelier with 16 lights
Modern Chandelier in Polished Nickel with 16 lights. Luxury Lighting Direct

The first seven seconds of walking into someone’s home is considered the guests first impression. What does your foyer say about you?

Is your home Cozy? Rustic? Architectural? Family Oriented? A Bachelor Pad? Fashion Forward?

Here are a few touches that can help change your foyer’s first impression or tell you what the first impression of your home is currently giving off when someone walks in.

The Minimalist– Classic clean white walls or off-white walls with a simple accent piece. The lighting is your statement. Not too many photos or none at all. This gives your foyer an organized and tidy vibe. You are the one to trust with the duty of house sitting when the neighbors go out-of-town. You have an attention to detail. Example, you thought of adding a dimmer option to your statement-making chandelier. Changing the mood of your home from calm to joyful and bright without moving a thing.

Entryway Storage Made Simple
Storage and simplicity in the entryway for tidy convenience.

Country Neighbor– Natural wood shelving with hooks, a hand carved trunk with much-needed storage for quick tidying since you are always doing something outside and want to stash your gardening boots for the next day without leaving them outside. You are quite the host of many guests, family, and friends’ -people wanting a get-a-way from the city. You always have plenty of seating including in your entry way, which also accommodates drop-offs of many bags of groceries. Your focus is always on the functional practicality. Everything has a purpose and a place but has your personal flare, like a rustic wood perch.

bachelor pad entryway
Conversation pieces for the bachelor pad. 

Young Professional– Quaint space that is functional and in some cases stylish. An ottoman with beautiful fabric covering it for a colorful and bubbly entrance. Dropping in an exterior light for the inside foyer to add a design twist. Or a masculine statement with a small desk table with drawers for keys, cell phones, mail and newspapers. A great piece of art propped at a slant against the wall to add a conversation piece for whomever is being woo-ed. Whether you have a Bachelor Pad or fashionable quarters (because who honestly knows the female equivalent) you are most likely courting or being courted. You are filling the shoes of who you want to be in 10 years while still listening to your inner-child. Your foyer is your metaphorical heart on your sleeve. When someone walks in, after knowing you, they can tell right away whose place they have just stepped into.

Fashionable Foyer
Colorful and bubbly entryway for fashionable quarters.
Family Friends Foyer
Family Oriented Entryway

Family Wrangler– There is a runner that draws the guests foot traffic, of course it has a great geometrical pattern to hide dirt. Being the experienced parent you are, the runner is not taking up the entire foyer because you want the door to be opened without a fuss. The great wall display is a mixture of differently shaped frames of your family, kid’s artwork, pets and places you’ve vacationed. You are the juggler of many things and the glue that holds that whole home together. Your foyer wasn’t planned out, it just happened. It’s filled with love, obvious pieces like the baskets for shoes and the checkered linoleum floor to distract from the wear-and-tear, rowdiness your front door embraces.

We love a good story behind the design of someone’s room, home or office. Share with us why you decorated a certain space and what makes it function, so well.

written by: Courtney Webb


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