Why You Should Care About Lighting Design?    

Many people leave their lighting decisions to the very end of their design projects… this is a mistake! Lighting is one of the most crucial aspects of design, waiting to the end of a project can be hurtful to the overall scope of the project.

Consider these 3 critical aspects of lighting that go into design as well as everyday life:

  1. Lighting is the only product in a design project that has an effect on every other product within the space it shares with.
  2. Light is the first thing the eye catches upon entering a space (interior or exterior), the eye unconsciously is drawn to it.
  3. To most people, one of the first and last things they do each morning and when they enter a space is to flip a light switch.

Going further into the topic of why you should care about lighting design, consider the following 4 points: 

HVL-1610-AGBLighting is a powerful and functional tool in a person’s health, and in their daily rhythms.

Lighting technology is evolving rapidly while what isn’t changing is the important role that lighting plays in creating a healthy, safe home environment.  There is a direct connection between the ways the retina converts light signals into neural signals in the brain. A brightly lit room can stimulate the brain to make it feel more awake while a dimly lit room with more amber tones can help to relax the brain and calm oneself.

HVL-1610-OBLighting is a mood changer in the room.

The lighting in a home changes the mood of the people in as a person’s moods and emotions are triggered by light. If the space is designed for entertaining and stimulation, brighten up the lighting in the space and you will notice the movement and increased volume from the occupants creating energy. For a more somber slow-paced atmosphere lower the light levels and witness a lower level of energy amongst the occupants.

HVL-1610-SNLighting is a perceived-size changer of the room.

A well-lit space will appear and feel larger than the same space that is dimly lit or lacking layers of light. Using light to remove shadows opens up space resulting in what feels like a larger area. Corner lamps, wall sconces and centrally hanging lights on the ceiling help brighten a room and help to create visually larger space.

HVL-1610-PNLighting provides attention and direction.

Using light to highlight specific parts of a room or specific elements will bring attention to areas or items. If there is a part of the room you want more occupants to go to, heighten the light levels in that area. Want to showcase a specific item, bring a perceived notion of enhanced value, use spotlights to draw attention and highlight the piece.

More lighting design questions? Feel free to contract us at (888) 959-2426 or support@luxurylightingdirect.com! We are always here for you!



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